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Discreet Private Investigators UK

We provide specialized investigations, International Debt Collections,Security Services,Fugitive Location and Recovery, Insurancee related Investigations ,Political related issues and many other specialty services which you or your client might need


We are committed to provide an efficient, prompt and flexible service that meets the needs of our corporate, government and private clients alike.  Our client groups belong to some of the major industries including but not limited to Government agencies, insurance companies, law firms, major banks and private citizens.


Our first focus is to identify the best possible lawful options in the desired country for you and or you business, regardless as to which form you commission us  to deliver these services to you.


We are a professional   and  ethical organization committed to deliver services above reproach. 


In accordance with the crucial standards of the Private Investigators  industry and expectations of the marketplace  ,Our firm is continuously moving forward and keeping at the edge of the latest technology, security developments and market shifts  which allows us to not just be one of the  many investigators in the field, but one of the  THE BEST PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS within the market/


Our investigative allies come from the hard lines of many retired investigative and defense entities from many local and international highly classified investigative Units . When we say the come from  within  Highly classified entities within countrie's governments  is because they are retired officers who continued working in the investigative and Security field  who have been vetted  and sworn to protect your information .


One Heaquarter, 676 colleagues together for one purpose.



Discreet Private Investigators UK and Central American Investigations and Security Consultancy Group have operated in Latin America for the last 22 years and we have conducted all sort of investigations for Private and Public companies, for private citizens and Governments.

​We have always operated in conjuction with local Private Investigators and Security Consultants and we have done so in over 100 countries always following the letter of the law.


 Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia ,Guatemala , Panamá , Costa Rica, El Salvador,Nicaragua, México, New York, London, Dubái, Israel, Montreal, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Tokio , Hong Kong, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Nigeria, Jakarta, Kalimantan, Senegal, Ghana, Guyana, Iraq, Afganistán, Pakistán ,Libia,Syria,Sudan,Congo,South Africa and many more countries.   

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