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Rod Benitez, International Private Investigator and Threat Management Specialist.


As a private investigator for the last 22 years, I have always heard of cases where the foreigner visits a third world country and gets killed for one or another reason, some pure accidents and some intentionally ; However, we are now tasked with investigating the murder to a foreigner in Colombia and it is now that we have identified that there is  criminal parttern behind these misterious murders.

Dating in Colombia can be risky and dangerous for people who don't know better. Trying to find a Colombian girlfriend without understanding the culture and looking in the wrong places have ended with many foreigners being killed in susicious

the story is the same  but the victim is different, the aim is the same but the method varies.

Let me take you through the pattern and you decide whether it applies to you or not, but be warned, that if you travel to Colombia to use prostitutes, to date a minor or to see that love you met in Tinder, THAT could get you killed or seriously injured.

You might think I am a little  overboard on this subject but, the deads are piling up and their family members are looking for the real answers but they are only getting the usual response







as per Life with david and some of my contributions.

 1-  your first Red Flag to remember is that There is no Hook-Up culture in Colombia,   if you meet a girl and approach her in a Bar or a Restauran it doesnt mean she will go away with you and have sex, it might happen but not on a regular basis. 

Let me clarify this, NO NORMAL COLOMBIAN GIRL, OR ANY GIRL FOR THAT MATTER, WILL MEET A DUDE OR GIRL ON TINDER AND THEN GO TO THEIR HOUSE. If they do then thats should be your second red flag.

2- The majority of girls will go out on a group and if you meet her there in that situation you could get her number and see her some other day and start dating.

3- Usually if you see 1 or 2 girls by themselves and you approach them or they approach you that means you are a Mark.  They will go home with you because they could be prostitutes and you will have to pay them or simply they are trying to rob you

4- They will have accomplices who they are messenging with and they will share their live locations through whatsapp and once they reach your room and they ask you for a drink as soon as you leave they will spike your drink with SCOPOLAMINE (read further down for an explanation on what it is) and the next day you could wake up and dont remember anything, or simply never wake up.

5- The people spiking your drink do not know the correct amount so you could die instantly.

6- Their accomplices will come to your room and force you to give them your PIN number to your  Credit and Debit Card and they will go on a shopping spree while you are still drugged.

7- They will have a contact in the Hotel who will let them know if you died or survived or wether the police has arrived o check on you, or simply whether someone has found your body.

                                                                                          THE SHORT GAME

8- The next situation presents itself when you access Tinder or other dating app and you start either contacting these beautiful women or they contact you with  very friendly messages like " papasito"  " mi amor " " cosita bella" and things that will make you feel interested on them and it is then when they ask you to either go to their room or if they can come to your room and if you say yes, then go back and read number 4 and that will bethe story.

                                                                                          THE LONG GAME

9- You will meet them on Tinder , develop a relationship which turns into  you financially suporting her or him because she is sickm then her mother is sick, then her brother, her cat, her cat's pet is sick etc,, you get the idea.  You become the financial support that person needs to  just do nothing other than live off you .

10- They will send you naked pictures and videos and you will send her or him pictures and videos as well and she wil then start pushing you to go to Colombia, until you agree, get to Colombia and they take to to a house they have rented to make it look like they live there and then their accomplices come into action and put a bullet in your brain, not unttil you have given them all of the passwords to your emails, PINS to your cards etc

this page is not a finished product, we are working on it right now 27/03/2022

What is scopolamine?

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You’ll have heard the stories of a drug that robs people of their free will, and makes them vulnerable to whoever may ask for their PIN number or address. You may have watched the documentary called Devil’s Breath – one of the nicknames for scopolamine – which portrays a drug that can be administered by spiking a drink, or even just by being blown in the victim’s face. The effects include extreme susceptibility, a zombie-like demeanour, and amnesia.

But while the impact of the drug is undoubtedly serious, it is important to distinguish between the hearsay and the facts.

The Burundanga plant in its natural state. Photo: Wikicommons

Scopolamine, also known as burundanga, is a chemical substance made from the scopolia plant. The plant is most commonly found near Bogotá, but also in the provinces of Magdalena and Atlántico. In the early 20th century, women were given the drug during childbirth to evoke a state of calm and drowsiness. Doctors noted that women in this state would often answer questions sincerely and openly, which led to the pursual of scopolamine as a potential truth serum. This possibility was eventually written off due to the intense side-effects.

The use of scopolamine as a truth serum has become one of its most publicised descriptors. In reality, if you have ever sought treatment for seasickness, you may have already tried scopolamine: the drug is commonly used to treat motion sickness and nausea.

While the plant is easy to find in parts of Colombia, processing it is expensive and many cases are misattributed to scopolamine, resulting instead from the cheaper benzodiazepine family of drugs that includes xanax and valium. A study by the Colombian Neurological Association (ACN) on 860 patients who had been admitted for scopolamine actually found that around 43.7% of them had benzos in their system. Only in 12.5% of cases was scopolamine detected.

Why is it dangerous?

Dr Joe Alexander, MD, PhD, FACC, told us that, “Put into a drink, scopolamine can cause a range of acute psychoses including: hallucinations, disorientation, and paranoia.” The doctor who specialises in cardiovascular dynamics is Senior Medical Director at a global pharmaceutical company and explained it can also cause nervous system disorders such as headaches, amnesia, coordination abnormalities, speech disorder, disturbance in attention and restlessness.

In severe cases, these drugs can kill you. For example, last year high doses of a benzodiazepine were found in the bloodstream of Fabián Herrera after he disappeared from Bogotá’s zona rosa party zone. Article continues below the box

More common are stories like Dave’s. The 26-year-old’s drink was spiked in February. “The trouble started when I left a club in the early hours of the morning and parted ways with my friends,” he told me. An unfamiliar man asked him for a cigarette and, in his words, “A few minutes after crossing paths with this person I realised something wasn’t right.”
“I woke up the next morning in my apartment feeling like I had had a massive night of partying and then some. Severe dehydration, nausea, head/body aches, dizziness, loss of appetite and chills.”


Is it as common as people make out?
Whilst the State Department states that “unofficial estimates put the number of annual scopolamine incidents in Colombia at approximately 50,000,” the short life span of scopolamine in the body (around 12 hours) makes it difficult to gather statistics on the frequency and quantity of incidents. However, according to ACN, up to 20% of hospital admissions for poisoning in Bogotá are due to the drug.

Can I really get drugged by picking up someone’s business card?
A common rumour is that scopolamine can be laced on leaflets or business cards, which will then enter the victim’s body through the skin. In fact, ACN studies have shown that in 75% of cases, the drug was administered by a stranger who mixed it into their drink. Dr Alexander concurs: “If someone were to take tablets and pulverise them into a powder and blow it into your face, or if someone dipped a business card into a powdered or liquid preparation, I doubt that it would have much of an effect.”

What you need to know  about the murders of foreigners in Colombia

t Least 19 Foreign Tourists Died Violently In Medellín During 2021

Posted On January 19, 2022

By : Loren Moss

Medellín’s Personeria has issued an alert expressing concern over the number of foreign tourists that are meeting violent ends in Colombia’s second largest city. In December it issued a statement saying that the 18 deaths it had accounted for were only through October, and that the actual count may even be higher. The number does not include refugees or migrants.

Of the 18, local newspaper EL Colombiano reports that two of the deaths were homicides, three were suicides, one was a traffic accident, two were drug overdoses, and two were botched surgeries. Nine others have indeterminate causes, but are classified as violent or criminal by the government, as opposed to illness or natural causes. While Colombia has very capable licensed medical facilities, some victims seek dubious procedures from unlicensed practitioners, often acting out of garages with products purchased in hardware stores.

In Colombia, the government agencies known as personerias are responsible for protecting and promoting human rights, and for monitoring the conduct and accountability of public officials. The offices seek to protect the environment and vulnerable populations, both Colombians and foreigners in Colombia.

The countries with the most victims are the United States, the Dominican Republic, the United Kingdom, Spain, Slovenia and Puerto Rico.

Last September, Dominican tourist Féliz José Almánzar Jiménez was found dead in a Poblado hotel near Parque Lleras. Prosecutors say he was a victim of intentional poisoning.

British actor Justin James Danton died after being hit by a car last August. Israeli Shay Pesso appears to have been assassinated, and investigators have advanced a hypothesis tying him to an Israeli mafia that has operated in Colombia.

British pensioner Leon Victor Dean was found floating in a Poblado Jacuzzi on January 5th after celebrating New Year “with drugs, liquor and women,” according to police sources. Two days before the new year, 39-year-old Nicaraguan national and US resident Victor Manuel Lacayo Vilchez was found dead among three other unconscious individuals, all overdosed on drugs, according to prosecutors. This added at least one more to the Personeria’s count, bringing the observed 2021 total to 19.

Luis Guillermo Orjuela, executive director of the Zona Rosa de El Poblado Corporation and director of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of the Night Entertainment Industry, Tourism and Services (Confedecont) told El Colombiano: “We have to reflect on the tourism that is being offered abroad, in which we appear as a destination for drugs and sex. The problem is growing and it will be increasingly difficult to change that image. We cannot allow Medellín to be the after party of Latin America and that anyone can come and do whatever they want.”

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